Search & Rescue Process

PAWTAGS® Services –Value & Benefits that Protect your Pet!

PAWTAGS® brand pet identification tags provides the most comprehensive Search & Rescue services available to Pet owners. We have merged state-of-the-art technology with traditional customer services that when combined give your pet the very best chances of being reunited safely and quickly.

PAWTAGS® Product

Our PAWTAGS® product is the highest quality pet tag in the industry.  Designed with Colorful, high gloss enamel with weatherproof coating. Each PAWTAGS® ID has its own exclusive ID Number. Tag identification numbers are deep stamped for easy readability by finders. Our tags are Guaranteed for the life of your pet.

Nationwide Live Rescue Services

  1. PAWTAGS® Membership allows you to register detailed information that will assist in the event your pet is lost. Our process provides for listing up to ten emergency contact phone numbers, microchip, rabies vaccination, city licensing, medical notes and veterinarian detail.
  2. Finder of your lost pet calls our toll free 24/7 Live Operator Rescue line and provides thePAWTAGS® ID number. Your pets profile and all contact information is used by our operator to start the rescue process. Our technology provides for Google mapping of finders location to better assist in coordinating the rescue. All personal information is kept confidential.
  3. Our Operators call your posted contacts, leaving messages until a live connection is made with someone who can retrieve your pet. Then a three-way conference call is made between your pet’s Finder, our Operator and your Contact to complete the retrieval process.
  4. In the event no live contact is made, messages are left and the Operator coordinates plans with the Finder to either hold the pet or deliver it to a safe location. Our extensive nationwide animal control facility database searches out safe locations or your posted Veterinarian office listing as location options. Our main emphasis and commitment is to get your pet off the street to safety!

“Pawtags Rescue – Pet ID You Can Trust!”