Paws Alert


Exclusive Nationwide Lost Pet Search Help

The Pawtags Brand Rescue Tags are the nation’s first full-service live support pet tags, with Live Operator assistance for lost pet finders and a Proactive PAWS Alert process for owners to search for their pets.

Pawtags is committed to an ongoing process of developing and maintaining the nationwide Pet Alert Warning System utilizing the PAWS Alert process.

Eliminates Pet Search Confusion!

Confusion regarding where your lost pet will end up is prevalent. Research shows almost all lost pets that survive or aren’t abducted, are retrieved by their city or communities contracted Animal Control Facility.

Due to poor identification and owners not knowing where to search for their lost pet…an alarming 75% of these animals are euthanized. Our PAWS Alert system focuses on providing contact locations for you at all registered Animal Control facilities.

Quick, Easy, Accurate, Extensive Search

Pawtag Members are provided access to creating a PAWS Alert for their Lost Pet. The process takes less than five minutes. All identifying factors are auto-transferred to the PAWS Alert Poster page with room for owner notes.

Once created the member enters the Zip Code of the pet’s last known location. Our system automatically provides the owner an email with every known, registered Animal Control or Shelter Rescue facility within 50 square miles. This listing is only of animal “intake” facilities which are the only places the majority of lost animals are taken first.

Protects Your Privacy- 24 Hour Live Help

Additional efforts are expanding our fax and email contacts with these facilities for future auto-generated PAWS Alert notices. The PAWS Alert Poster can also be printed out and posted and utilizes our 24 Hour Live Operator services along with your Pawtag ID number to protect your privacy.