Mission Statement

Our Commitment to Excellence

Global Pet Search Inc., has introduced and will continue to establish the most progressive and all–inclusive nationwide Pet Identification and Rescue system.

Our Pawtags brand tag and support services are dedicated to continual efforts to improve the country’s Pet Safety and Recovery processes. We will provide Members cost-effective, state-of-the-art, live personnel supported pet-finding and search services.

Our goal is to establish an unprecedented feeling of comfort for our Pawtag Member Pet owners. We will ensure the highest levels of search, rescue, safety and personal service possible to protect and retrieve their beloved pets.

Our efforts are focused on extensive ongoing development of the first national proactive and our reactive “PAWS Alert®” lost pet retrieval system.

Creating the World’s Best Lost Pet Recovery System

We are committed to partnership efforts with all existing forms of pet identification. Only by creating shared information pathways and affiliations, can all the lost pet ID services provide a truly effective and speedy recovery process. Our goals include expanding affiliations with other pet ID services and systems, to create the best possible pet recovery team effort possible.

Pawtags will extend its brand awareness and devotion to the wellness, protection, and benefit of pets through focused participation in fundraising, education, and programs devoted to this cause.

Pawtags will initiate and maintain the growth and pursuit of new and existing affiliations with pet cause-related groups. Selected organizations will target the advancement of programs that promote the care and protection of domestic cats and dogs across the country. Pawtags will provide financial donations for chosen charities that benefit the well-being of pets and add to pet-supported services that benefit society.